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Bleyer ACYS $160.00
Bleyer ACYS

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Pictured styles are currently in stock. To check availability in your size, model and colour please phone Rob 0407 790 698. Custom styles are available upon request. Contact Rob for more information.
Bleyer Bobby
Bleyer Bobby
Bleyer Lindy Hop Strap
Bleyer Lindy Hop Strap $160.00
Bleyer Rock and Roll
Bleyer Rock and Roll $160.00
Bleyer Saddle
Bleyer Saddle $160.00
Bleyer Teeny $160.00
Bleyer Teeny
Bleyer Hot Shot
Bleyer Hot Shot$160.00
Bleyer Dance Sneaker
Bleyer Dance Sneaker $80.00
Also available in light denim
Bleyer New Yorker
Bleyer New Yorker $160.00
Bleyer Hep Cat
Bleyer Hep Cat $160.00